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Cafe Creme Cigarettes - Cafe Creme cigarillos are renowned for their superior quality and the authentic smoking experience they offer. Handmade in the Netherlands since 1963, these filterless leaf cigars are distinguished by the exclusive use of 100% natural tobacco, sourced from renowned regions such as Java, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, and Italy. Their special Java and Oriental tobacco wrapper adds a note of refinement and ensures a rich and complex aroma with every inhale.

The Cafe Creme Red variety, in particular, is appreciated for its oriental aroma, offering smokers a unique sensory smoking experience with subtle and harmonious notes blending to create a pleasant and authentic taste. Packaged in sets of 10 cigars, they are ideal for a quick break, providing quality and distinctive flavors in a compact and convenient format.

Cafe Creme, now known as Signature in Europe, has maintained its reputation as a European leader in the machine-rolled cigar category due to its exceptional quality and commitment to customer satisfaction. The brand is part of the Scandinavian Tobacco Group portfolio, a global leader in the tobacco and cigar industry, and is sold in over 80 countries worldwide, maintaining a strong position in the mainstream segment.

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