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Premium cigars, handmade and matured, for all luxury cigar enthusiasts. Our cigars are exclusively in Romania, and some of them even in all of Europe. We also sell the only Romanian CIGAR brand, called Santo del Rey.

Santo del Rey cigars are handmade in Nicaragua and matured both there and in Romania. Cigars checked every day, because we place great value on keeping them!

Premium, luxury CIGARS, at the best prices in Bucharest

All this is due to the fact that we are also cigar tasters, so we perfectly understand the continuous search for the ideal cigar. A CIGAR is a rolled package of fermented and well-dried tobacco leaves that ignites so that its smoke can be drawn through its mouth.

Cigar tobacco is grown in significant quantities in Brazil, Cameroon, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Honduras, Indonesia, Mexico, Nicaragua, Romania and the eastern United States.

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