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Leaf cigarettes at best prices in Bucharest. At Luxury Cigars you can find everything from cigarettes to high quality hookahs and cigars. Everything premium and at the best price.

What are leaf cigarettes? Sheet cigarettes are made of chopped tobacco left over from the creation of cigars, wrapped in a sheet of tobacco and created by machines, as opposed to cigars that are rolled by hand.

Foil cigarettes may contain 100% tobacco, may be the result of a mix of natural tobacco and other components, or may contain pipe tobacco. Generally, a leaf cigarette has 3 grams of tobacco, the length is 3-4.5 inches, and the diameter is 5-8 mm.

Europeans also use the phrase "seven-minute cigars", which means that they smoke quickly, usually between 5 and 15 minutes, and are suitable for times when there is no time to enjoy a real cigar.

Foil cigarettes do not require the optimum temperature and humidity as cigars need.

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