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Alec Bradley

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Alec Bradley Cigars - Alec Bradley is a cigar brand that finds its roots in the deep passion of its founder for the world of cigars. Established in 1996 by Alan Rubin, the Alec Bradley Cigar Company began its journey at a time when its founder admits to knowing little about cigars, beyond the correct ways to cut and light them. The company's name is derived from combining the names of Alan Rubin's two sons, Alec and Bradley, thereby marking the business as a family legacy.

What started as a passion quickly turned into a serious business, despite the fluctuations of the market and the challenges of the industry. The year 1998 marked a pivotal moment for Alec Bradley when Alan Rubin and Ralph Montero, collaborating after just a few months of acquaintance, launched Occidental Reserve.

This cigar achieved remarkable success, validating the founders' belief that together, they could create products that were greater than the sum of their parts. The success of Occidental Reserve laid the foundation for a philosophy of innovation and excellence that continues to characterize Alec Bradley to this day.

Alec Bradley stands out for its desire to offer unforgettable experiences to cigar smokers, regardless of their social status. The company prides itself on its ability to bring people together, creating moments where time seems to stand still, and social differences fade away in the shared pleasure of enjoying a quality cigar. In this sense, Alec Bradley sees itself not just as a cigar manufacturer but as a facilitator of memorable experiences, improving people's lives "one hour at a time."

The philosophy of Alec Bradley boils down to the desire to provide a memorable experience to every cigar smoker, placing a passion for the craft of cigars ahead of any unjustified claims of superiority. This humble and quality-focused approach has cemented Alec Bradley's reputation in the global cigar market, making the brand a recognized and respected name among connoisseurs.

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