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Dom Perignon

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Dom Perignon Champagne - Dom Pérignon, an emblematic champagne brand, is celebrated not only for its exclusivity and excellence but also for the history and tradition that underpin it. Established in 1668, this champagne bears the name of the Benedictine monk Dom Pierre Pérignon, who harbored the revolutionary ambition to produce "the best wine in the world." This wine even managed to impress the Sun King, Louis XIV, due to its exceptional quality. Dom Pérignon is often regarded as the spiritual father of champagne, inheriting Pérignon's vision and passion for winemaking​​.

Dom Pérignon stands out for being available only as a vintage wine, produced only in the most favorable years when grapes achieve impeccable quality. Each vintage is a unique creation that interprets the distinct character of that season. The House of Dom Pérignon is known for its innovative approach and for taking risks, even to the point of not declaring a vintage if conditions do not meet the brand's strict standards​.

The headquarters of Dom Pérignon is located on the prestigious Avenue de Champagne in Epernay, France, and is led by President Sybille Scherer. Dom Pierre Pérignon's vision is continued today through the unceasing efforts to maintain the subtle balance that characterizes the house's champagnes – an alliance between ripeness, vibrancy, lightness, and intensity, giving the wine the potential to age with suppleness and elegance​.

In 1668, Dom Pierre Pérignon began working as the cellarer at the Abbey of Hautvillers, using the vineyards to bring prosperity to the estate. Through well-thought-out blending of grapes, the production of white wines from black grape varieties, and gentle and divided pressing, Dom Pérignon laid the essential foundations for the "champenoise" method. Until his death in 1715, in the same era as the Sun King, Louis XIV, he perfected the art of winemaking in Champagne​.

Today, Dom Pérignon continues its tradition of producing exceptional champagne, under the guidance of the Chef de Cave, who decides whether a particular vintage will be declared, thus maintaining the high standards of quality and uniqueness that have made the brand renowned worldwide.

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