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Romeo y Julieta Cigarettes

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Romeo y Julieta Cigarettes - Romeo y Julieta cigarillos, named after Shakespeare's famous play, were established in Cuba in 1875. These cigarillos are appreciated for their superior tobacco quality, ensuring a consistent and even burn, thanks to their industrial manufacturing process.

The flavors are characteristic of Romeo y Julieta cigars, with a sweet filling that includes leather notes, offering a unique taste experience to cigar enthusiasts​. The Romeo Y Julieta Club 20 series offers a refined and authentic smoking experience, encased in an elegant metallic package, which contains 20 Cuban cigarillos.

These cigarillos stand out for their medium strength, classic design without a filter, and dimensions of 95 mm in length and 8.8 mm in diameter, showcasing the richness and sophistication of the Vuelta Abajo region's tobacco​.

Each Romeo Y Julieta Club 20 cigarillo is meticulously crafted to deliver the authenticity and tradition of the renowned Romeo Y Julieta tobacco house. With their strong classification, these cigarillos provide a powerful and satisfying sensation, perfect for relaxing moments while enjoying the unmistakable notes of Cuban tobacco.

The metallic packaging not only keeps the cigarillos fresh but also offers a stylish and convenient way to carry and share the experience of traditional and refined smoking​

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