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Alec Bradley Cigars

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Alec Bradley Cigars - The "Alec Bradley Cigars" brand was founded by Alan Rubin in 1996 and has become known in the tobacco world for its dedication to quality and innovation. Rubin started this venture with a clear vision: to create exceptional cigars that satisfy the sophisticated tastes of cigar enthusiasts worldwide.

The name "Alec Bradley" is derived from combining the names of Rubin's two sons, Alec and Bradley, emphasizing the personal character and passion at the core of this family business.

Over the years, Alec Bradley has developed an impressive variety of cigar lines, each with its unique profile of flavors and strengths, ranging from light and medium to strong and complex. Among its most notable creations are "Prensado," "Black Market," "Maxx," and "Tempus," each reflecting the craftsmanship and attention to detail of the Alec Bradley team.

"Prensado," for example, was awarded "Cigar of the Year" in 2011 by Cigar Aficionado, a supreme recognition of its quality and complexity. The production process of Alec Bradley cigars involves the use of the finest tobacco leaves, sourced from various regions around the world, such as Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama.

These leaves are carefully selected and undergo a rigorous process of fermentation and aging, which can last for years, to develop and enhance the rich and complex flavors Rubin and his team desire.

The manual construction of the cigars, carried out by experienced master rollers, ensures that each cigar is rolled to perfection, guaranteeing a uniform burn and a consistent smoking experience.

Alec Bradley has distinguished itself not only through the quality of its products but also through innovation. The company has pioneered the introduction of innovative elements in cigar design and presentation, such as colorful and attractive cigar bands, elegant presentation boxes, and creative branding concepts, which have contributed to establishing a strong and recognizable visual identity in the premium cigar market.

Alan Rubin's dedication to excellence and innovation has turned Alec Bradley into a respected and admired name in the tobacco industry. Cigar lovers worldwide appreciate the brand for its ability to deliver memorable smoking experiences that combine artisanal tradition with a modern vision of quality and style. Thus, Alec Bradley continues to inspire and enrich the cigar culture, providing moments of pleasure and refinement for those who appreciate the art of cigar smoking.

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