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Cao Cigars - CAO is an innovative and esteemed brand in the world of cigars, known for its variety of flavors and nonconformist approach. Founded in 1968 by Cano A. Ozgener, CAO has become a benchmark name in the cigar industry, bringing a fresh perspective to the smoking experience.

CAO cigars are renowned for their distinct blends that surprise and delight the taste buds. Each cigar is crafted with care and expertise, using carefully selected tobacco leaves from famous regions around the world. From CAO Amazon Basin, a cigar full of exotic character with intense flavors of dark chocolate and spices, to CAO Flathead, with its design inspired by classic cars and powerful notes of coffee and chocolate, CAO offers a diverse range of options for adventurous cigar smokers.

One of the most smoked cigar lines from CAO is CAO MX2. These cigars stand out with their dark, double-fermented wrapper, which imparts deep flavors of black chocolate, coffee, and spices. Smokers appreciate the intensity and balance of these cigars, and MX2 has become a popular choice for those seeking a flavorful and characterful experience.

Being a cigar smoker is a distinct and refined pleasure. Each smoker has their own ritual and way of enjoying a cigar. From the precise cut of the cap, the careful lighting, to the slow savoring of the aromatic smoke, cigar smoking offers an opportunity for relaxation and contemplation. Cigar smokers appreciate the details and don't rush the experience, but rather indulge in the joy of savoring each puff, discovering subtle flavors and nuances.

CAO cigars attract both experienced smokers and those seeking a new adventure in the world of cigars. The brand stands out through innovation and the courage to explore uncharted territories, bringing new flavors and blending techniques. Once you envelop yourself in a swirl of aromatic smoke, you can feel part of a community of passionate smokers who appreciate the elegance, refinement, and distinctive smoking experience offered by a CAO cigar.

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