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Santa Clara Cigars

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Santa Clara Cigars - Santa Clara cigars are recognized for their elegance and refinement in the world of cigars. Popular variants include "Santa Clara Madrigal Picador BUTT 10" and "SANTA CLARA 1830 Qvino 10". The Madrigal Picador cigars are handcrafted by master blenders using fine, perfectly aged San Andres tobaccos. They are appreciated for their maximum flavor and excellent quality-price ratio, considered ideal for daily use.

Another remarkable series is "Santa Clara 1830 Churchill Tube (20)", which includes a box of 20 individually tubed cigars. These cigars stand out for their impressive size and are named after the famous British politician Winston Churchill.

The Churchill size is characterized by a generous diameter and elegant length, allowing for a prolonged tasting of the fine flavors. The filler is San Andres tobacco, and the wrapper is Capa Fina Rosanda of San Andres, with a medium strength.

These cigars are valued for their delicious and complex taste, with notes of precious wood, dark chocolate, spices, and a subtle floral sweetness. Each cigar is handcrafted by expert artisans, ensuring an even burn and a relaxing, pleasant smoking experience.

These descriptions highlight the superior quality of Santa Clara cigars, making them a perfect choice for those seeking elegance and refinement in their cigar experience.

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