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Cigaronne Cigarettes

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Cigaronne Cigarettes - The Cigaronne brand is known for its premium cigarettes, characterized by the use of freshly harvested, high-quality tobacco imported from recognized plantations in Africa and Latin America.

The tobacco undergoes a multi-phase purification process utilizing the world's most innovative conditioning technologies, which effectively remove harmful substances like chlorine, nitrogen-containing pesticides, and other complex molecules, ensuring a cleaner smoking experience without the bitter taste of smoke.

This process also preserves the traditional taste and aroma of the cigarette, offering a new dimension of taste while maintaining the essence of traditional smoking.

CIGARONNE cigarettes stand out with their unique "Triple Hollow" filter, combined with a natural substance (Perlite), which absorbs more toxic substances released during burning and completely micro-filters the smoke.

This innovative filter design not only reduces the intake of harmful substances but also keeps the nicotine stains off fingers and protects the eyes from cigarette smoke, marking a significant advancement in smoking hygiene and pleasure​.

The brand's offerings include the Cigaronne BIG BOSS XL, which exemplifies Cigaronne's commitment to quality and innovation in the tobacco world. Launched in 1999 by SPS Cigaronne, the company has focused on creating tobacco products with significant technological and aesthetic innovations.

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