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Trinidad Cigarettes

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Trinidad Cigarettes - Trinidad cigarillos are an excellent choice for those seeking the delicate and creamy flavors characteristic of a Trinidad cigar. Known for their exclusive Cuban tobacco filling and manufacturing in Cuba, these cigars offer superior quality and an authentic taste. They are perfect for moments of heightened intensity due to their unique combination of flavors and intensity​.

The Trinidad Short variant, in particular, is appreciated for its natural flavor and subtle coffee notes, adding a pleasant dimension to the smoking experience. With a length of 82 mm and a diameter of 10 mm, these cigars fall into the Mini Panetela category.

Individually packaged in cellophane, Trinidad Short cigars are designed to maintain the freshness and quality of the tobacco. Each package contains 10 cigars, promising moments of relaxation and enjoyment of the authentic Cuban taste​.

Trinidad products are recognized for their high production standard and careful selection of 100% Cuban tobacco, ensuring a medium-intensity smoking experience without a filter. Their dimensions and characteristics, including weight and length, are tailored to meet the preferences of smokers looking for quality and authenticity in their tobacco products​.

These leaf cigars represent an ideal choice for those looking to transition from mass-market cigarettes to a more premium smoking experience, offering an accessible introduction to the world of cigars without compromising on quality or taste.

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