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Candlelight Cigarettes

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Candlelight Cigarettes - Candlelight cigarillos stand out as a premium choice for aficionados of flavored cigarillos, showcasing a long tradition and superior quality in their products.

Founded in the early 1770s by Johann Wilhelm von Eicken, this German company has become famous for producing some of the finest filtered cigarillos on the market, demonstrating a commitment to quality from the selection of tobacco leaves to the craftsmanship in each cigar.

Candlelight Club cigarillos are available in various versions, including the Candlelight Club Brasil, known for its mild strength and made from Brazilian Arapiraca tobacco leaves from the Bahia region. They are packaged in a special tin box to keep the tobacco fresh, offering a premium smoking experience.

Conversely, Candlelight Club Havana is characterized by its subtle flavor and mild strength, made from the highest quality tobacco, suitable for those looking to enjoy the smoking moment without being overwhelmed by the power of a regular cigarillo. The individual packaging in a special container ensures the aroma and quality of the tobacco is preserved for a long duration.

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