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Toscano Cigarettes

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Toscano Cigarettes - Toscano cigarillos stand out as an exquisite choice for those with a refined palate, known for their authentic flavor and unmatched quality. Originating from Italy, these cigars are produced in the Toscano region and are celebrated for providing an authentic smoking experience.

The Toscano product range includes classic cigarillos and flavored variants, such as those with hints of grappa, coffee, chocolate, vanilla, or cherries, catering to diverse tastes and styles​.

A notable product from the brand is the Toscanello Castano Raffinato, presenting a balanced and intense tobacco pleasure with roasted hazelnut aromas, complemented by a subtly sweetened mouthpiece, creating a pleasant and creamy taste experience. This option represents the latest creation from the traditional Italian manufacturer​.

The Toscano Garibaldi cigarillos are another interesting choice, paying tribute to Giuseppe Garibaldi, an iconic historical figure in Italy. Characterized by a natural aroma, these cigarillos use high-quality Kentucky tobacco, grown in the provinces of Benevento and Campania. Unlike other cigarillos of this kind, Toscano Garibaldi is distinguished by exclusively using a wrapper and filler, without additional binders, thus offering a pure and unaltered smoking experience.

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