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Principes Cigarettes

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Principes Cigarettes - Principes cigarillos, coming from the renowned La Aurora brand, offer a delightful smoking experience with their varied flavors such as cherry, chocolate, rum, and vanilla. Launched in the 1950s in the Dominican Republic, they are machine-made in the country's oldest tobacco factory, ensuring a blend of tradition and quality.

One of the interesting offerings in the Principes line is the Principes Corona Red, which provides a delicious cherry note. Each package contains five cigarillos individually wrapped in aluminum foil to maintain their freshness and intense aroma.

They are characterized by their medium strength and are made without filters, providing an authentic taste of premium tobacco enhanced with a subtle cherry flavor for a refined and complex taste experience​.

For those who prefer a chocolate flavor, Principes Corona Brown is another variant that offers a medium intensity with a rich chocolate aroma, packaged in sets of five and individually wrapped.

Whether you're seeking a traditional tobacco taste or a flavored experience, the Principes range has something to offer. These cigarillos reflect La Aurora's commitment to quality and authenticity, making them a great choice for cigar enthusiasts looking for an enjoyable and flavorful smoking experience.

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