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Jose L. Piedra Cigars

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Jose L. Piedra Cigars - represent a distinct emblem in the world of Habanos, valued not only for their unique tobacco blend but also for the traditional method by which they are created.

Originating from the Spanish province of Asturias, the Piedra family settled near the town of Santa Clara, in the heart of the Remedios region, known for tobacco cultivation since the 16th century. The second generation of the family, led by José Lamadrid Piedra, founded and developed the brand that bears his name today.

José L. Piedra cigars are made exclusively from tobacco grown in the Vuelta Arriba region, known for its fertile soil that produces superior quality tobacco. They are crafted using the Totalmente a Mano, Tripa Corta technique, meaning they are entirely hand-rolled with a short-filler tobacco blend. This traditional process gives the cigars a distinct flavor, of medium to strong intensity, characterized by authentic Cuban notes.

Over time, the José L. Piedra range has included various sizes and shapes, adapting to smokers' preferences, from Brevas and Cazadores to Conservas and Petit Caballeros, each with its unique dimensions and flavor intensity. These cigars are packaged in cardboard boxes or wrapped in cellophane, reflecting a tradition and quality that have spanned decades.

The José L. Piedra cigar brand was relaunched in 1996 as an accessible brand, maintaining its commitment to offering quality cigars at competitive prices. Thus, it became popular both in Cuba and internationally, giving smokers the opportunity to experience authentic Cuban essence without compromising the budget.

Through dedication to tradition and quality, José L. Piedra continues to be a top choice for cigar connoisseurs seeking an authentic and profound smoking experience, securing its place in Cuban cultural history and in the preferences of cigar smokers around the world.

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