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Guantanamera Cigarettes

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Guantanamera Cigarettes - Guantanamera cigarillos are an affordable and popular option from the Cuban manufacturer Habanos, known for their accessibility and the quality of tobacco from the Vuelta Arriba region, an alternative to the more famous Vuelta Abajo. These cigarillos are individually wrapped in cellophane, allowing them to be stored without the need for a humidor, offering long-term freshness and quality​.

The Guantanamera Puritos range, for instance, offers an excellent introduction to the world of Cuban cigars, providing a smoking experience with 100% Cuban tobacco, individually packaged to maintain freshness.

Made from selected leaves from Vuelta Arriba, they provide a lighter flavor profile, ideal for those seeking a milder smoking experience or for beginners. With strong strength, they promise a rich and characteristic Cuban tobacco smoke, in an accessible and convenient format​.

On the other hand, Guantanamera Decimos offers a long and refined smoking experience, with generous dimensions that allow all the complex nuances of the tobacco to unfold.

The package contains 5 Cuban cigarillos, each individually wrapped, ensuring the freshness and authenticity of the tobacco with each use. Classified as strong, Guantanamera Decimos is aimed at smokers who appreciate strong and deep tastes​.

These Guantanamera cigarillos are the most accessible options in the Habanos range, offering an excellent balance between quality and price, and are ideal for both experienced connoisseurs and newcomers to the world of quality Cuban smoking.

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