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Macarena Cigars

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Macarena Cigars - Macarena cigars represent a distinct offering in the cigar market, born from the desire to blend handcrafted artistry with affordability. These cigars are the product of the Turrent house in Mexico, a name with a tradition in tobacco production, bringing to the market a premium product distinguished by the exceptional quality of materials used and the artisanal ability of the manufacturers.

The Macarena brand differentiates itself through the use of a unique blend of tobaccos from four different cultivation areas in the Dominican Republic, thus providing a complex and enriched smoking experience. This blend gives the cigars a distinct aromatic profile, with notes ranging from wood and coffee to exotic hints of nuts and pepper, meeting the expectations of a wide spectrum of cigar lovers.

Macarena cigars are hand-rolled, each piece being a demonstration of skill and dedication. The length and diameter are designed to offer a long-lasting and satisfying smoking experience, turning every relaxation moment into a special occasion. From the most delicate and subtle to the strongest and most complex aroma profiles, the Macarena range includes varieties to satisfy all tastes.

Packages of Macarena cigars, whether they are Corona or Big Churchill variants, are individually packed, ensuring the freshness and quality of each cigar. The Sumatra wrapper and the filler from Criollo 98 and Negro San Andres add a note of exclusivity, making Macarena an ideal choice for both celebratory moments and the daily pleasure of quality smoke.

Thus, Macarena caters to both experienced smokers looking for new taste experiences and those new to the world of cigars, offering a refined introduction to the art of quality smoking. By combining tradition with innovation and accessibility, Macarena cigars succeed in creating a bridge between the old world of authentic cigars and the modern requirements of consumers.

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