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Villiger Cigars

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Villiger Cigars - The Villiger cigar brand, with a history dating back to 1888, continues its tradition to this day, being recognized for the exceptional quality of its products.

Villiger stands out through its use of Indonesian and Brazilian tobaccos for the wrappers of its cigars, thus offering a wide range of flavors, from mild to medium. This blend of tobaccos provides a unique and memorable smoking experience, satisfying the preferences of a broad spectrum of cigar lovers.

Villiger Premium No.1 and No.3 Sumatra are notable examples from its range, packaged in sets of 5 pieces, reflecting the brand's commitment to quality and refinement. These cigars are made in Germany, the brand's country of origin, and are appreciated for their strength from mild to medium, making them ideal for both beginners and experienced smokers looking for a lighter smoking experience.

Furthermore, Villiger also offers gift sets of cigars, such as the Rey set, customizable with the client's name, containing 9 luxury cigars and accessories such as a humidifier and a metal match.

These sets are an excellent option for gifts, highlighting the quality and luxury associated with the VILLIGER brand. The box also comes with a personalized letter, providing a personal touch to each gift.

Through its diversity of products, from individual CIGARS to elegant gift sets, Villiger addresses not only cigar enthusiasts but also those looking for a special gift. Quality, tradition, and innovation are the pillars on which the long-standing reputation of the Villiger brand is based, making it a respected and appreciated name in the global community of cigar lovers.

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