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Clubmaster Cigarettes

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Clubmaster Cigarettes - Clubmaster cigarillos, introduced for the first time in 1973, have become one of Europe's best-selling cigarillo brands over more than 45 years of existence. Produced by Arnold Andre in Germany, Clubmaster embodies an urban lifestyle with a focus on exceptional quality leaf cigarettes, ensuring a highly pleasant smoking experience.

The tobacco for Clubmaster cigarillos originates from Sumatra, offering a smooth smoking experience of low intensity​.

The Clubmaster range includes Mini Red and Mini Filter Red with a delightful vanilla flavor, and Mini Filter White, offering a mild cocoa taste. These cigarillos come in a mini format, with Mini Red being unfiltered and 67 mm in length, and filtered cigarillos measuring 70 mm.

The compact size and distinctive flavors of vanilla and cocoa make Clubmaster a favored choice for those seeking a high-quality, flavored smoking experience​.

For a more diverse experience, the Clubmaster Mix Box 300 provides a mixed offer of 10 packs of 10 cigarillos from each of the three assortments, combining the gentle flavors of vanilla and cocoa across the range​.

Clubmaster cigarillos are an excellent choice for quick but superior quality smoking moments, launched in January 2012, and continue to provide a satisfying and pleasant smoke with delicate flavors.

Whether you're on the go or seeking a quick break during the day, Clubmaster Mini Cigarillos stand out as an exceptional option, allowing you to enjoy distinct flavors and a pleasant smoking experience.

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