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MTB Cigarettes

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MTB Cigarettes - The MTB cigarettes are distinguished by a variety of options that meet the diverse preferences of smokers. The MTB Fine range is known for its blend of finely shredded and cut tobacco, offering a smoking experience with medium to strong strength, individually packaged to maintain freshness and quality. This range is described as part of the fine cut tobacco category, ensuring a perfect flavor of tobacco​.

On the other hand, MTB Original offers filterless leaf cigarettes, made from shredded tobacco, promising high quality at an advantageous price. With a classic tobacco flavor and medium strength, they are the ideal choice for those seeking the authenticity of traditional tobacco taste, individually packaged to keep the tobacco fresh​.

Furthermore, the MTB Green variant comes with an offer of filterless leaf cigarettes, each pack containing 6 cigarettes of 8.5g each, totaling 51g. They are described as having a medium to strong strength, exclusively for individuals over 18 years old, and reiterating awareness messages regarding the risks of smoking.

All MTB products are made by Rona Kft. in Hungary, emphasizing the commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. These leaf cigarettes are available for purchase through the online store TrabucuriDeLux.ro, offering a wide range of options for tobacco lovers.

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