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S.T. Dupont Le grand S.T. Dupont Cohiba 55 lighter

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Le grand S.T. Dupont Cohiba 55 lighter - Following previous collaborations with Cohiba in 2003 and 2020, S.T. Dupont is proud to present a new collection to celebrate Cohiba's 55th anniversary.


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Le grand S.T. Dupont Cohiba 55 lighter - Following previous collaborations with Cohiba in 2003 and 2020, S.T. Dupont is proud to present a new collection to celebrate Cohiba's 55th anniversary.

Each piece in the collection is adorned with the famous Cohiba Indian head and the 55th anniversary logo.
On the body of the lighter we find the reinterpretation for the Cohiba logo made especially to celebrate the 55th anniversary - the lighter is made of yellow gold and natural lacquer, and on the lid is engraved the S.T. Dupont.


Taking the art of cigar smoking to the next level

55 years worth celebrating! For its 55th anniversary, the famous brand Habanos, Cohiba, and S.T. Dupont has once again decided to combine its experience and taste for excellence to create a limited edition "Cohiba 55th Anniversary". This new collaboration is the third since last year, which was a great success, and the first, dating from 2003.

Cohiba is the most prestigious "Habanos" brand in the world and the first name given to tobacco leaves by natives of Cuba. When Christopher Columbus landed on this Caribbean island in 1492, he saw the Taino Indians lighting some rolled leaves, which they called "Cohiba," and then smoking them as a ritual. As recorded in several travel chronicles and journals, this ceremony was conducted by a respected sage, "Behike." Inspired by this ancient tradition, in 2010, Cohiba gave birth to the "Cohiba-Behike Line" which is produced in small quantities and is considered to be one of the best Habanos in the world. The legend around the brand, the highest quality obtained in each process, its annual launches and innovation have made Cohiba the leading name in the world of premium cigars.

SF. The 55th anniversary edition of Dupont's Cohiba is innovative and luxurious and has been designed to delight premium cigar lovers. It will enhance the rituals that have been associated with these cigars for centuries and support them for future generations.

It consists of three lighters: Grand S.T. Dupont, the traditional Ligne 2 lighter and the new Megajet. This limited collection comes with useful but beautiful accessories in very refined black and white lacquer or golden yellow finishes.

All the pieces in this collection bear the logo of the 55th anniversary, with the famous Indian head Cohiba, and the logo of S.T Dupont.

COHIBA 55th anniversary lighters

Customers can choose from three lighters

The great S.T. Dupont with double ignition system for two types of flames: a yellow flame that easily ignites the cigar and a strong and uniform flame for ignition in all circumstances. This lighter, slightly wider than Ligne 2, easily fits in a pocket. It is in natural black lacquer and gold finishes and features the 55th anniversary logo on natural lacquer.

The Ligne 2 lighter has a yellow flame and obviously produces the famous, distinctive sound of an S.T. lighter, "perfect hanging". Its solid brass body is covered in black lacquer with the 55th anniversary logo in yellow gold finishes. A flame regulator is positioned under the lighter.

The third alternative to this anniversary collection is Megajet with its modern design. 7.3 cm high (ideal for a man's hand) with an innovative blue flame 2 cm wide, it offers uniform lighting for the largest calibers, while maintaining the aroma of tobacco in all circumstances. It is decorated with a black lacquer finish with a zinc alloy and chrome trigger.


S.T. The 55th anniversary edition of Dupont Cohiba is complemented by various smoking accessories. Again, the engineers and designers at S.T. Dupont has stepped up its technical game to achieve supreme sophistication, such as the gold and black cigar guillotine cutter engraved with the 55th anniversary logo on the blade. Two cigar boxes, one double and one triple, are also available, combining a gold metal base and black cowhide with the 55th anniversary logo and the Indian head. Also a humidor for up to 100 Bosse cedar cigars, with an outer shell decorated with glossy black and white lacquer, with the Cohiba logo of the 55th anniversary on top.

The 55th edition of S.T Dupont Cohiba maintains the mysticism behind cigar smoking. It is obviously intended for Habanos enthusiasts and the refined connoisseurs of this exclusive world. With this S.T. Dupont Cohiba limited edition, more than ever, cigar smoking is positioned as a way of life enhanced by the exclusive articles that accompany it.
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