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Joya de Nicaragua Cigars

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Joya de Nicaragua Cigars - JDN was founded in 1968 and is the oldest brand of CIGARS manufactured in Nicaragua. The cigar company continues to manufacture its products today from its headquarters in Estelí, today an important center for the production of handmade cigars, with exports made all over the world.

Nicaragua Clasico Joya cigars have the distinction of being the first premium brand of cigar made in Nicaragua, and for a long time this line of Nicaraguan cigars has been the only cigar in the portfolio.

The Joya de Nicaragua Clasico brand is recognized as the official cigar of the country. This "Puro" was the first cigar exported from Nicaragua. Currently this brand enjoys the cheapest price in the range.

Joya de Nicaragua - premium cigars


The history of Joya de Nicaragua goes hand in hand with the evolution of Nicaragua over the last five decades, as one of the most complex and charming countries in Latin America.

Our cigars are made by hand by the most skilled tobacconists, using the finest tobacco. They have been crafting CIGARS, on average, for over 28 years.

The Joya process is based entirely on human labor, with every tobacco leaf being processed and every cigar rolled and cared for by human hands; focuses on consistency and special attention to detail. All Joya cigars are filled with the essence of our people; their experience and passion make Joya de Nicaragua what it is today.

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