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Pueblo - The Pueblo brand is renowned for its premium tobacco, offering a wide range of tobacco and cigarette products made without additives. This brand is celebrated for its traditional blend of American Virginia tobacco, grown under natural conditions, adhering to strict principles regarding the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

This commitment to quality and naturalness extends throughout the entire production process, ensuring that Pueblo tobacco provides a purer smoking experience, focusing solely on the essence of tobacco without adding chemicals to alter the flavor or consistency​.

Pueblo offers cigarettes that maintain the basic characteristics of high-quality tobacco, with natural nicotine, without adding other chemical substances. This ensures that Pueblo cigarettes are a more natural option compared to many other brands on the market. Pueblo cigarettes, such as Pueblo Classic, feature a red filter and are known for their medium strength and a length of 84mm, thus providing smokers with an authentic and quality experience​.

Pueblo also extends its offerings to rolling tobacco, such as Pueblo Fine Cut 30g, aimed at those who prefer to prepare their own cigarettes. This tobacco is finely cut and comes in 30-gram bags, additive-free, thus keeping its promise of naturalness and purity. Produced in Germany by Poschl Tabak, Pueblo Fine Cut joins the brand's portfolio as a high-quality option for smokers who appreciate the manual process of cigarette preparation.

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