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Capa Flor Cigars - Capa Flor cigars are renowned for their premium quality, originating from the rich and ancient soils of Mexico. They are known for using a unique blend of tobaccos, combining the spicy and bold leaves from Nicaragua with the sweet leaves of San Andres, which together create a perfect balance between the strength and sweetness of the tobacco.

This blend offers smokers a rich and complex smoking experience, highlighting the best quality of Mexican tobacco, which has often been used in the past only as a binder or wrapper for cigars from other countries.

A notable selection from the CAPA FLOR range is the Robusto Habano, which comes in boxes of 20 cigars. These cigars are appreciated for their Habano wrapper, offering a medium strength that is ideal for a wide range of smokers' preferences. The length and diameter of these cigars ensure a pleasant and lasting smoking experience, making them perfect for moments of relaxation or to be enjoyed on special occasions.

Beyond the exceptional quality of the tobacco and craftsmanship in cigar making, Capa Flor serves as an ambassador for Mexican tradition in the world of cigars. This brand aims to change its international perception, demonstrating that Mexico not only cultivates a large part of the tobacco used in the industry but is also fully capable of producing high-quality cigars, competing with the best in the world.

For those interested in exploring the world of Mexican cigars, Capa Flor offers an excellent opportunity to discover unique and complex flavors, marked by a diversity that can satisfy both the preferences of those new to this hobby and those of experienced smokers.

Discovering and selecting a suitable Capa Flor cigar can be a pleasant journey in itself, with a variety of options that reflect the cultural and natural richness of Mexico.

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