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Handelsgold Cigarettes - Handelsgold cigarillos, under the Arnold André brand, have established themselves as one of the oldest and most successful brands in the cigar industry since their market introduction in 1950.

Known for their rapid growth and wide array of flavors including chocolate, vanilla, cherry, and coconut, these cigarillos cater to a diverse palette, offering options with plastic, wooden, or no filters at all. This variety ensures that Handelsgold cigarillos can meet any preference for sweet-flavored cigarillos, making them extremely versatile for different tastes​.

Arnold André, the largest tobacco manufacturer in Germany, was founded in Osnabrück in 1817, marking it as a pioneer in the German tobacco trade. The company's significant growth peaked in the 1950s and 1960s, with a workforce of 6,000, becoming the largest in the cigar market.

Handelsgold cigarillos, in particular, became popular not just in Germany but also symbolized the economic miracle years, becoming an indispensable part of the German cigar landscape.

Handelsgold's broad range features various flavors and filter types, ensuring their practicality and appeal to a broad audience. The transition in the company's strategy in the 1980s towards catering to a more specialized market has allowed it to thrive, particularly benefiting from the cigar renaissance that began in the 1990s​.

For anyone interested in exploring the rich flavors and high-quality craftsmanship of Handelsgold cigarillos, the options are plentiful, ensuring a smooth and satisfying smoking experience for discerning smokers. The brand's commitment to quality and diversity in flavors makes it a distinguished choice in the European cigarillos market​.

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